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As a leader in local internet marketing and local search engine optimization, our goal is to provide your company maximum exposure in the major search engines for both the local business listings (Google Local Places) and the organic rankings for your service in your geographic area. While our primary focus is on obtaining the highest level of exposure with your Google local business listing, your local Google map is only one part of the equation. The work we do carries over to all of the major search engines. The sections below describe our proprietary 5 step process.

Step 1: Claim

We will help you to ensure that your local business listing is properly claimed (in your name) and 100% complete with each of the major search engines and the high priority reference sites.

This step helps to ensure that the major search engines are aware of and responsive to our work.

Step 2: Optimize

Your local listing will be reviewed and updated by our staff to ensure that the entire listing is completely focused on your services offered within your service area.

This step makes sure that the work we do is spot-on for what the search engines are expecting.

Step 3: Citations

Citations are third party references to your site that verifiy your existence to the search engines and certify that your business is worthy of being displayed.

Using both industry specific and proprietary local listing databases, we add to the number of third party references to your listing.

Step 4: Reviews

We take reviews and comments from your customer base and certify them through our sister company, and then syndicate (publish) those reviews on your behalf.

The authentication process allows the search engines to more rapidly include these reviews in determing which listings are on the first page.

Step 5: Ranking

While the local business listing is being optimized and starting to display, we use our organic ranking process to get your website to rank on the first page for the services offered in your local geographic area.

This allows your company to occupy twice as much space on the first page of the search engines.

First Page!

The result of our effort is a first page double listing for your local business that is available 24/7 without paying the high cost of Pay-Per-Click.

Since the ranking is organic (or natural) you will receive 3-5 times the click through rate of Pay-Per-Click, making our process the most economical internet advertising available.

Who Uses Our Service?

With more than 70% of all business searches being conducted via the internet today, local search engine optimization has become a critical part of any marketing strategy. Our customer base is among a list of more than 200 professional service and local types of businesses ranging from flower shops to orthodontists to bail bond agencies.

Any business relying on local customers will benefit from this affordable advertising. A Google local business listing will be one of the primary lead sources for your company. Our customers recieve a greater return on their advertising dollars than any other medium available to them. Many reduce or completely diminish their monthly Yellow Pages and/or PPC (pay per click) fees as a result of the success of their internet local business listing.

My phone started ringing as soon as we got our local Google map to display on page one - Thanks!
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